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Some people are experiencing a little slice of Heaven in their lives today. Others are walking through hell. In most cases, you and I can make all the difference.
Everyone knows about Daniel in the lions’ den; but Daniel lived every day of his life in the jungle of slavery. Political incorrectness would cost you your life. Religious expression of the “wrong faith” was a capital of . . .
We hear the challenge at the end of every weekend service: "Go Change Your World." But what exactly does this challenge mean? How do I change my world? Where do I start? Is it even possible? Those who have changed their world have viewed t . . .
In the wave of bestselling books and popular movies, Heaven is on our minds. But, is there proof of Heaven? How do we know? What will it be like? Who gets in? Is Heaven real?
God’s Not Dead. Jesus rose from the dead. Because God’s Not Dead, we have the ultimate proof to believe in Him. Jesus’ death was His plan, and His resurrection was His proof. Scott: I once argued against faith, now I rea . . .
The crowd is cheering. Palm branches are waving. The King is coming. The excitement is palpable, but not everyone is happy. In the midst of the celebration, Jesus, the celebrated guest of honor, knows that he has six days to live. What . . .
Every day the world is impacted by leaders. People making decisions that impact the multitudes both terrifically, and unfortunately at times, horrifically. It is for this reason The Chapel has committed to looking at the life of Jesus throu . . .
One of our favorite traditions at The Chapel is to have an extended time of Questions and Answers with Pastor Rick rather than a traditional message. Be sure to think of any questions you may have as you will have a chance to write th . . .
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