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This Fourth of July message comes from 2 Timothy where we are reminded that living a life that pleases God comes with hardships. As soldiers are committed to their mission, we are to be committed to Christ.
How often have we found ourselves offering spare change to someone in need? Pastor Donovan Coley challenged The Chapel family to recognize that "spare change" is not the same as "real change," and recognizing the difference can allow us to . . .
Colossians - Walk the talk Timeless. That is the word I would use to describe the Bible in general and the book of Colossians in particular. This short New Testament book addresses the real issues of life. What is the big deal about Jesus . . .
We all will, in one time or another in our spiritual journey, experience a place of dryness, whether in our relationship with God, or our personal relationships. In the life of Ezekiel, we will discover the cause and the cure for rejuvenati . . .
One of our favorite traditions at The Chapel is to have an extended time of Questions and Answers with Pastor Rick rather than a traditional message. Be sure to think of any questions you may have as you will have a chance to write th . . .
Questioning Jesus is nothing new. Jesus was always questioned. Caiaphas asked, "are you the son of God?". Pilate mocked, "are you a king?"Both his followers and his enemies asked him to show a sign that he was God. The series "Evidence" us . . .
The JESUS Problem He has caused global problems. Everywhere this man went, there were issues that brought murder to the minds of men. He’s dangerous, He’s controversial, He’s transformative, He’s Jesus! Join us for . . .
One of the major reasons why so many people are not happy is that they don't understand that they were made to serve. We are always trying to be the one who is recognized, the one who is applauded, or the one who is served. But God has made . . .
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