Disaster Response

Why are we helping with relief efforts?

We desire to be the hands and feet of Jesus in a world that has very real needs. We look for opportunities to Change Our World through healing and help where there is a real need.

What is happening?

The Chapel is convening other churches, businesses, and the Fort Wayne community to join efforts to offer help to the victims of Hurricane Harvey and Irma.

How can someone help?

Donate Items: Larger items like generators, dehumidifiers and shop vacs or smaller items like breathing masks and rubber gloves are needed. A full list can be seen below. Items can continue to be delivered to The Chapel and will be sent to help those impacted by Hurricane Harvey or Irma. 

Go Volunteer: The Chapel recommends going through Samaritan’s Purse. We usually use them when there is a disaster. They are highly organized and they exist to respond to disasters. Samaritan’s Purse website has a volunteer page for signing-up.

Give Financially: The Chapel recommends giving to disaster relief organizations like Samaritan’s Purse. The Chapel will accept donations (online or in person) and 100% will go to the relief effort.

Items Currently Collecting:

N95 & N99 allergen/fume/mold masks
Cases of Water
Nonperishable food
First aid kits
Baby formula, wipes, and disposable diapers
Dog and cat food
Wet-dry vacs
Rubber work gloves
Rubber cleaning gloves
Wonderbars (flat crowbars)
Mold-removal (Concrobium not bleach)
packing boxes and tape for packing up dry items to be stored during renovations
Ear protection
Eye protection
Channel lock pliers
Snow shovels/scoops (everything is wet so little shovels are not helpful)
Industrial garbage bags (inserts to make them stand unassisted)

Text to give

Send a text to 73256 with the message “thechapel” with no spaces

Instantly, you should receive a link

Click on it and it and there is where you can input the amount you would like to donate.

Choose a payment method and add it’s information.

Then all you have to do is click “Give”

Thank you for donating to help those impacted by Hurricane Harvey and Irma.